Koogler is having a Spirit Week next week! Next week, make sure to dress up each day of the week to show your school spirit!

Monday 3/28 is tie dye w/ tiara day.

Tuesday 3/29 is country vs. country club day, so on Tuesday dress up either country or preppy!

Wednesday 3/30 is y2k day, dress up like it's the early 2000’s! Wednesday afternoon is the school wide pep rally, so be sure to dress up and get counted for the grade level dress up contest!

3/31 Thursday is Tiger Pride day so wear orange and black and show your support for our track team which has a big meet that day!

4/1 Lastly, Friday is PJ day so wear your jammies!

All week, please make sure that your outfit still follows the dress code. Let's make this a fun safe time for everyone to enjoy!