Dear Parents and Guardians,

Your feedback will help us paint a picture of what our students need now, beyond what their test scores say. We will use this information to make more holistic and equitable decisions for our students and the families and staff who support them. 

You are providing valuable feedback about your unique experience with your school. Please remember that no one at your school will see your responses.  

See specific survey information below: 

  • The 2022 Youth Forward Family Survey is part of our efforts to collect feedback from all stakeholders. It is intended for parents or guardians with children in grades K-12 attending a New Mexico public or charter school. 

  • The family survey is available in English and Spanish until May 9, 2022 through this URL: .

  •  The survey can be taken through any device, including a smartphone. Please visit your child’s school during regular business hours if you can’t access the survey through a personal device.  The schools will have computers available for conducting the surveys.

  • The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please avoid navigating away from the survey before completion. 

  • The survey is anonymous, and individual responses will not be shared with the school. 

  • Families can take the survey for more than one school-attending child using the same link. 

  • If a response to a question is not known or familiar, it can be skipped. 

 If you have questions, please email

         Wendy Lexa

         District Data and Assessment Coordinator