World's Finest Chocolate

Directions for World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

·         Permission slips should have gone out in 7th hour Wednesday. We will not give out any boxes without a signed slip. If a student sells a box and wants to sell more, they will need another slip for each box they sell. If you need a permission slip ask your 7th hour teacher or stop by the office. 

·         We will collect slips and give out boxes only before or after school. We will be distributing from the mailroom by the office. Students should bring their signed permission slips to there before school starting on Thursday to pick up their box. 

·         Once we get the permission slip we will sign and date it, the give the student a box with their name written on it in permanent marker.

·         Bars are $1 cash each. Students should NOT be selling these at school, only outside of school. (It is ok and encouraged to sell at school sporting events).

·         Once a student has sold their whole box they bring the cash back to Mrs. Harris and she will give the student a receipt and enter the child's information into the prize tracker. 

·         We only take cash. No checks are accepted. If a family wants to purchase a whole box with a credit card they can arrange for this with Mrs. Harris at 505-334-6102 ext. 1601.

·         All money must be turned in by 10/15/21

·         We cannot take partially sold/returned boxes. We must have the full cost of the whole box turned into us. If a student does not sell the whole box the family will need to make up the difference to pay for the full cost of the box (60$).

·         Any boxes or money that go missing will be charged to the student. Students must be responsible for these and are not to store them in any teacher's classrooms or leave them unattended. 

·         This Fundraiser is to help out school. It helps pay for Tiger Pride Incentives, Grade Level Incentives, Field Trips, End of Year Awards, Outdoor Learning Furniture, Software, and Fines/Fees for Students who cannot afford them. 

We appreciate all your help in making this work!

C.V. Koogler Middle School