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2022 Fall Sports Available for Koogler Student: Cross Country, Spirit, Volleyball, Football

Rank One Sport Paperwork


Please complete this paperwork as soon as possible so there is no delay in your student being able to participate in sports at Koogler Middle School.  


1. Students must complete the Concussion Course for Students on 

learning center

*Note: The Certificate must have the student's name on it not the parent.


2. See a Physician or Medical Service Provider and make sure that the Physical Form and Medical History is uploaded. Unfinished paperwork will not be accepted. 


Aztec RankOne Athletic Website

Aztec Athletic Website - Link for paperwork and schedules

NMAA Message on a fan Behavior Directed at Officials

Attention all Student/Athletes



New athletic regulations require that all players complete a course on concussions in order to participate in school sports. This course can be completed online at no cost. The course is located on the following website.

Concussion Course

KMS will have computers available for all athletes during Monday and Wednesday tutoring to use in order to complete their concussion course.  Athletes must turn in a printed copy of the certificate they earn upon completing the course.


There will also be an updated NMAA Concussion Fact sheet for both athletes and their parents to sign. These will be sent home with the students after they complete the concussion course.


Thank you for supporting our sports programs.


Parents: You may have your Athletes take the course at home but there are two cautions:


1. You will have to register at the site using the student's school issued gmail account (the account needs to be in the student's name otherwise the student's name does not appear on the certificate).  Please remember the password you use for your registration so we can have the students print them at school.  If your athlete needs their gmail account, have them ask their English teachers or Ms. Mikelle Hunt.


2. Once you have registered, make sure you order the Concussion-for-students course (there are other concussion courses so please make sure you select the correct one). It is free but it will ask you to "purchase" the course. They then give you a zero cost invoice for the course.  Then go to the dashboard and click on my courses.  You will see the course there to start the course. 





2023-2024 Koogler Athletics & Activities Administration


Cory Gropp

Phone:  505-334-6102 ext 1312


2023-2024 Koogler Athletics & Activities Grade Eligibility Policy

A Student shall have a 2.0 grade point average with no F’s, based on a 4.0 grading scale, for the semester grading period immediately preceding participation. For students not eligible at the semester, the next nine week grading period can be used to regain eligibility.

In addition to the NMAA standards listed above Koogler Middle School will utilize the following higher standards to determine continued eligibility after the 1st and 3rd grading periods:

  1. Eligibility to participate in activities/athletics will also be determined at the end of Q1 and Q3 grading periods. Any student who has a GPA below 2.0 or more than 1 F will be deemed ineligible for the following 9 weeks period. 

  2. If students lose eligibility based on the above provision he/she may regain eligibility by meeting the standard of 2.0 and no Fs for the current semester grade at the start of the next semester. 

NEW NMAA Policy - 2018-2019 7.7.4 Crowd Control

7.7.4 Crowd Control A school is responsible for the conduct of its team, coaches, students, and fans at any interscholastic event in which the school is participating. The Executive Director may invoke penalties upon a member school for actions, which violate the principles of “Compete with Class.” These actions include, but are not limited to, hindering the normal progress of an event, creating situations that may lead to the restriction or discontinuance of interscholastic competition, or endangering or threatening the personal safety of any individuals involved. Unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, students, and/or spectators may cause the school or individual to be placed on probation or suspension for 180 school days/365 calendar days.

Ticket prices for Admission to KMS Athletic Events:

Admission to KMS athletic events costs $4 for an adult, $2 for a student, and $2 for a senior citizen (60 and above).  These prices are subject to change.

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