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Preparing our students to be successful for their freshman year in high school is our number one Goal! Our biggest celebration is when we have the honor of seeing our students walk across the stage to receive their Aztec High School Diplomas.

Important Academic Information

Grades are given on Common Formative Assessments, Quizzes, Tests,  Projects, Classwork, Research Papers and Notebooks. Your child's teacher should be giving at least two grades per week starting in the 1st nine week grading period.

Grades should be a reflection of what degree the student has mastered on National Common Core Standards or NM State Standards (depending on content);  all semester grade should be a reflection of what a student’s score on the NM MSSA is projected to be.

Most practice work will be done in the classroom, but each core class will also have homework on a routine basis. Any work not completed in class should go home as work to be done at home. 

Tiger Up Time is designed to do these types of tasks:

  1. Serve as the student's home room. This is where lockers, pictures and planners will be distributed. Most items students turn in will be turned into their TUT teacher. Tiger News and announcements will also be taken care of at this time.

  2. Get students organized; we will be helping them with foundational skills for all classes.

  3. Provide Social Emotional Learning lessons, for example team building, peer conflict resolution skills, tools to overcome obstacles, help for focusing, and goal setting/self reflection. 

  4. Allow for career and college readiness preparation and planning, i.e. Next Step Plans, Surveys, Information about Colleges. 

  5. Provide Intervention and Enrichment on important Literacy Skills.

Acronym Dictionary

Many times we talk about tests and other important things at school in acronyms. Here are definitions of some of the crucial ones we use at Koogler.

Acronym Dictionary:

SCA: Short Cycle Assessment. Taken multiple times a year to show progress on Math and Reading.

CFA: Common Formative Assessments. Quizzes given by core subject teachers to determine student progress, often as much as weekly.

CCSS: Common Core State Standards. Foundational standards for learning used in 47 States. Available in Math and Language Arts, but used across all content areas.

Student Drop off

Please drop your child off by 7:45 am in the mornings or place your child on a School Bus.

Student Drop Off : When using this lane please remember to pull forward if room is available before dropping your child off.

Lunch Information

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