Hello Tiger Community, Please join us in extending congratulations to the AMSD Choir students! Mr. Cranfill notified us that all three of our choirs earned the highest possible rating of "SUPERIOR" at the Music Performance Assessment (MPA) competition. In total, Aztec had 58 singers there. That's 150% of what we had last year. Perhaps most importantly, our students were respectful and well-behaved throughout the event. Way to go, Aztec Choirs! Finally, we want to extend a special thanks to Pam Prater (praterfam80@gmail.com) for providing the photos of this event to us. Thanks, Aztec Schools
2 days ago, Aztec Municipal School District
A picture of the awards that the AMSD choirs won along with a piano and chairs in the choir classroom.
I want to remind everyone that we do not have AfterSchool Tutoring on Thursday, March 9, due to Parent/Teacher Conferences beginning at 1:00. We will resume tutoring on Tuesday, March 21.
14 days ago, Tanya Hayhurst
KMS Parents/Guardians and students: We are now offering Afterschool Tutoring even during virtual remote learning days from 3:30 - 4:30 (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). If you have turned in a Tutoring Contract, you may join the Tutoring Google Classroom. Ms. Brown, Mrs. Hayhurst, Mrs. Lee, and Ms. Mendoza will be inviting students to the classroom today. If you have not been invited and have filled out a contract, please email Mrs. Hayhurst (lihayhta@aztecschools.com) and she add you to the classroom.
27 days ago, Tanya Hayhurst
Parents/Guardians: Beginning February 1st, KMS will be asking for picture ID when checking out students. Please help us by making sure that you have that available when you come in and if the person that is checking them out, IS NOT on your contact list and/or doesn't have an ID, we cannot check your student out. This is for the safety of your student. Thank you for helping us make your student and the school safer.
about 2 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Inspired, Safe, Fulfilled
There will be mandatory testing tomorrow, 1/12/2023 for Koogler Middle School Students. Please make sure students are here on time, with their Chromebooks, chargers and headphones if they have them. This is a one day testing and any make-ups will be done next week. Thank you, KMS
2 months ago, Brenda McNeal
From: Paul Cranfill - KMS Choir Director - All students must be at rehearsal and the singalong performance. Singers should dress comfortably, knowing that they'll be standing outside in the dark for a period of time. This is a commitment from 4:30pm (meet at AHS) to roughly 5:30pm (main stage by Rubia's). The performance itself will be at approximately 5:05pm. From there, students can meet their parade groups if necessary. If your student does not have a different parade group, please have them stay with our group as we head to the parade float judging area to watch the floats go by. When the Aztec Municipal Schools Float comes by at roughly 6:15-6:30pm, we'll hear the introduction for "Minka" (I'll be playing piano on the float) and we'll move to circle around the float and face the audience for that one single song only. After we finish singing "Minka," we have no more choir-related responsibilities for the day. Students must stay with our group until they are with a family member. It is imperative that students do not wander off individually. The students who are in the parade with another group may be excused from the "flash mob" performance provided that I have received documentation from a parent or guardian. With proper documentation these students will receive the full grade for the performance. I know we've got a lot going on. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us. All the best, Paul E Cranfill, M.M. Choral Director- Koogler Middle School, Aztec High School
4 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Starting today 12/1/22, students may request a schedule change. Schedule change forms can be picked up at the office and need to be turned in to the before before January 3, 2023. Must have a parent signature and a valid reason for the change.
4 months ago, Samantha Arrington
Students may order their yearbook @ YearbookOrderCenter.com. The pin for Koogler is 12913. The cost of the 2023 yearbook is $35.00. For more information contact: Thank You Ashley N Lee Yearbook/Journalism 8th Grade Language Arts (505) 334-6100
4 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Yearbooks For Sale
Big Brothers Big Sisters in San Juan County is looking for mentor volunteers. For more information please go to their website: www.littlesneedbigs.org.
4 months ago, Aztec CTE
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Sign up now for the Aztec Boys & Girls Club winter "Basketball Instructional League." For more info please call: 505-334-8861.
4 months ago, Aztec CTE
Boys & Girls Club Basketball
"Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know whatch'a gonna get!" from Forrest Gump Parents/Guardians; Please help out the school by allowing your student(s) to get at least one box of chocolates to sell. Profits from the annual World's Finest Chocolate sale are the only source of funding for such things as honor roll field trips, end-of-year awards and celebrations, open house refreshments, and concession supplies. Please contact the school (Linda Harris) 505-334-6101 ext. 1601 if you would like to get a box. If you have a relative that might be interested in selling at their work, you may pick up 2. Koogler Middle School appreciates your help and support of your students in this endeavor.! Sincerely, Brenda McNeal Principal KMS
5 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Thanksgiving Lunches Please note the Thanksgiving lunch times for tomorrow, November 2, 2022 6th grade - 11:03 - 11:33 7th grade - 12:04 - 12:34 8th grade - 1:05 - 1:35 If you are joining your child, please note these times. Thank you, Koogler Admin
5 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Happy Thanksgiving Koogler Middle School
Aztec High School will be having an Open House to celebrate the opening of our new Project Bike Tech bike shop on Monday, November 7th from 5 pm to 7 pm in room 401. Come learn about this new curricular opportunity for students and the NMPED Outdoor Learning grant award which will fund an Aztec High School NICA MTB team this Spring!
5 months ago, Aztec CTE
Bike Shop Open House
Parents, please help! Students MUST wear IDs as part of our safety plan for the school. It is not an option. If they lose or destroy one, they must purchase one for $5.00 from the library. There is a bar code they can scan and the librarian will call them in to get it done. We are beginning to get very lax with this and so students are suffering consequences for refusing to wear IDs or not having one to wear. Please help your student remember to wear one everyday. Thank you, KMS Administration
5 months ago, Brenda McNeal
PARENTS OF KOOGLER MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS: Student Registration - I still have several students that have not completed the online registration. Of course they are enrolled in Koogler but this is to make sure that all their information is correct. If you could please go into your parent portal and off to the left there is a tab that says forms, if you could fill those forms out. If you are having trouble signing into the parent portal come by the school and we will set you up on one of our computers. It is very important to get these forms up to date. Thank you for your help. Jewel Waggoner/Registrar
5 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Picture retakes for Koogler Middle School will be on October 25th in the morning. This is your last opportunity to have your student's picture taken or retaken. If you have a package you want to return for retakes, please do so at this time.
6 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Inspired, Safe, Fulfilled
This is a reminder that we have a winter sports parent meeting this evening in the Koogler gym. The meeting is at 5:00pm and is for all parents of students in Boys and Girls Basketball and Wrestling. Thank you Bryan Sanders District Athletic Director
6 months ago, Brenda McNeal
This week we would like send a BIG THANK YOU to our AMSD Custodial Team who keep our schools running smoothly, looking great, and always working to take care of both our students and staff. We appreciate all that you do for our Aztec Tiger Community!!!
6 months ago, Milo McMinn
Thank you Custodians
Parents and Guardians: Please remember that outside food cannot be brought in per our contract with the food service provider. However, if you want to bring your child an outside meal as a special surprise or once in a while, it can only be for your child and they must eat it in the front lobby. They cannot take it to a class or to the lunchroom. Thank you for your help and support! KMS Admin
6 months ago, Brenda McNeal
Pictures September 27 NO HATS NO Face Coverings No Hiding Facial Recognition.
6 months ago, Samantha Arrington